The Irvies

A locally based annual fundraiser organized by the Irvington Development Organization, funding operations and fostering community pride.


When Irvington Development Organization (IDO) leadership needed assistance in forming, promoting and hosting a new annual fundraiser, Naptown Branding was the natural choice. The Irvies was envisioned as an award show focusing on businesses and individuals that would raise funds for the IDO’s mission while also fostering community empowerment and connection. Drawing on our experience in event promotion and history of collaborating with the IDO, we began creating an identity for The Irvies.


First, using elegant design incorporating Washington Irving, we created a cross-platform brand to attract potential sponsors, display community pride and remain relevant well into the future. Next, we began a marketing push to generate awareness and interest through social media and email campaigns, extensive collateral production, and public relations efforts. With the foundation for future events set, we conducted online polling to determine results and attracted sponsors to help make the event a success. All fundraising goals were met prior to the event, and with the first annual Irvies completed, Naptown Branding has helped provide the IDO with a powerful tool for fundraising and civic engagement.


  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Panning & Consulting
  • Research & Development
  • Creative Implementation
  • Event Marketing
  • Website Creation
  • Logo Development
  • Support Collateral Design & Production
  • Ticketing/Tracking Systems
  • Advertising/Promotions
  • Communication Management
  • Social Development
  • Nonprofit Partnerships