Irvington Summer Music Series

A series providing Irvington residents with a season-long rotation of incredible musicians to bring the summer to life.


This nonprofit, organizing 10 musical acts to perform in Irvington from May to September, celebrated its inaugural run in 2017. While filled with exciting possibilities, the series had no name recognition within the community and had a large amount of information to communicate throughout the season. The Irvington Summer Music Series connected with Naptown Branding in order to communicate schedule information, community contacts, ticket availability and more through a primarily physical medium. With the need for printed materials and physical handouts, Naptown Branding immediately took steps to ensure that the series would become a success.


Upon beginning our partnership we formed a brand for the series, marketing their Facebook page and printed collateral with a new logo. Naptown Branding coordinated social graphics for use on the event page as an information hub, as well as custom yard signs and a series of four postcards promoting acts within the community. Mindful of the series’ status as a nonprofit organization, we decided to work pro bono in support of their mission of enriching cultural perspective within Irvington. With a successful summer behind and another series on the horizon, Naptown Branding was proud to assist this fantastic cultural event.


  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Panning & Consulting
  • Research & Development
  • Creative Implementation
  • Event Marketing
  • Logo Development
  • Support Collateral Design & Production
  • Ticketing/Tracking Systems
  • Advertising/Promotions
  • Social Development
  • Nonprofit Partnerships

Stan Denski, Series Director

Our experience has been nothing but positive! Very creative design and extraordinary professional work throughout! Cannot speak too highly of Naptown Branding!