Discover Irvington Festival

An annual, family-friendly event focused on strengthening the bonds between local consumers and businesses.


Each summer, the Discover Irvington festival provides an opportunity for Irvington residents and families to interact with local businesses through an outdoor event filled with sidewalk sales and unique local products. However, this annual event had a logo and little else to foster recognition and engagement. With the 2017 festival approaching, event management connected with Naptown Branding with the desire to increase their level of community buy-in. By communicating the message and details of the event, management hoped to start the process of making the festival ubiquitous within Irvington.


Naptown Branding produced a wide variety of creative collateral to make the Discover Irvington festival more visible in the buildup to the event. From postcards to banners and yard signs, we ensured that Irvington residents couldn’t easily miss the upcoming festival. Running a digital marketing campaign, including designing an advertisement to run in online publication East Side Herald and a series of eblasts sent to a mailing list we assembled, allowed for near-total east side coverage. In the buildup to the event, Naptown Branding provided social media graphics and other materials to support a new scavenger hunt event to engage attendees. When the day came, Irvington came out to mingle and connect with their local businesses, celebrating a festival with the highest profile in the event’s history.


  • Brand Development
  • Strategic Panning & Consulting
  • Creative Implementation
  • Event Marketing
  • Support Collateral Design & Production
  • Advertising/Promotions
  • Brand Maintenance
  • Communication Management
  • Nonprofit Partnerships

Tara Elder, Event Organizer

I loved working with Naptown Branding on strategizing and advertising a community event I recently planned. They worked within our budget, brought wonderfully creative ideas to the table and helped me think through a wonderful marketing plan. I highly recommend Naptown Branding and their services.