Apogee Automation

An industrial automated controls company, operating at the intersection of hardware and software for companies ranging a plethora of industries.


Apogee Automation, an industrial automated controls startup founded by an industry veteran, was ready to make its mark within the industry. However, before they began promotion or operations, they needed a solid branding framework to work from. Upon connecting with Apogee Automation, Naptown Branding began formulating a clean look capable of setting Apogee apart.


Drawing on experience working with companies within the same industry, Naptown Branding created a professional logo that conveyed Apogee’s industry and reflected the status that they wanted to achieve within it. We later put the logo into action on business cards produced in-house. With a powerful brand accentuated by a powerful logo, Apogee Automation was poised for startup success.


  • Brand Development
  • Creative Implementation
  • Logo Development
  • Support Collateral Design & Production